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Therapeutic Massage 

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Massage, in all its forms, works by increasing circulation.  In all my years of practicing massage, I have found lymphatic massage is the most effective way to stimulate circulation and produces the best results for improved health and pain relief.   

I had been doing massage for about 4 years when I was first introduced to lymphatic massage.  A patient at the physical therapy center where I was working had recently had surgery on her knee and was struggling with post surgical swelling.  The physical therapist did lymphatic drainage massage on her affected leg and I saw her "big" leg become her "small" leg.  It was amazing!  I had the PT show me everything he could and started implementing it into my massages- which really improved the results of my injury treatment sessions.  I have since taken multiple courses on lymphatic massage and I am currently able to treat:

       - lymphedema due to node removal or trauma
       - pre- and post surgical care
       - post liposuction recovery
       - slow digestion/ constipation (such as occurs with pain medication)
       - sinus congestion
       - recurring infections (sinusitis, mastitis, etc.)
       - sluggish lymph flow

I know lymphatic needs extend beyond this, so I am working towards certification in Complete Decongestive Therapy and am excited to be offering this additional service starting in July 2018.

Using a combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage techniques, Therapeutic Massage relaxes both the muscles and the fascial tissue that supports them. 

This works to correct imbalances in posture (caused by repetitive actions, such as computer work or gardening), effectively relieving tension and related muscle pain.

Therapeutic massage provides a cascade of benefits throughout every system of the body.

Pain relief is only one of the many benefits of this style of massage.  Other documented benefits include:

  • lowers stress
  • increases circulation
  • normalizes blood pressure
  • brightens mood
  • boosts immune functions
  • fosters sound sleep

Regular therapeutic sessions help mainatin good health.   Finally, something that is good that's good for you!