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(I am still working on building this list.  Please check back soon for more info!)

My hours are limited, massage is not a one-size-fits-all service, and massage is not recommended for certian health conditions.  To better serve you in reaching your health goals, I'm happy to recommend trusted partners in our health care community.

Nutrition: Susan Linke, MBA, Certified LEAP Therapist,, (469)233-0710
Why I like her:  Susan specialises is treating chronic inflammatory conditions, which is a major problem I see a lot.  She really does care about her clients and is reasonably priced.  She's located in Dallas but is affiliated with local testing clinics and will travel.  She also offers phone consulations.  

Physical Fitness: I personally like slow motion resistance training, Yoga, or Tai Chi, and of course WALKING.  

Lymphatic Massage: Denise Giovinazzo,, (214) 364-5611
Why I like her:  Denise is highly skilled, passionate about lymphatic massage, so caring, and uniquely qualified to work with difficult cases of edema related to cancer.  

Injury Treatment Massage:  Kelley Oakley-Handy,, (214) 551-9826
Why I like her:  Kelly is highly skilled and reasonably priced.  Her massage is more medical/ therapeutic in nature and she gets good results.   

Chiropractic:  Rober Zahn, D.C.,, (972) 987-6194
Why I like him:  My clients that see him get good results.  Particularly those with difficult chronic headache or shoulder nerve pain issues.   



Physical Therapy: 

Cosmetic Surgery (especially for corrections): 
Mauricio Giraldo, M.D.,, (469)362-8665
Why I like him:  Doing lymphatic massage I see a lot of post surgical clients.  Dr. Giraldo has great credentials, is highly skilled, and does really thoughtful, artistic work.  Plus, his office staff is friendly and helpful and I've worked in enough medical offices to know that the office staff's behavior is a direct reflection of the doctor's attitude toward his patients.   

Cosmetic Surgery (Breast Reduction): 
Kevin Hanz, M.D.,, (469)294-0691
Why I like him:  His work speaks for itself.  I have never met him or visited with his office, but his patients that I have worked with all love him.  His work is expertly and beautifully done, and his clients have all been very happy with their results. 

I'm not affiliated in any way with this company, nor am I trained in nutritional counseling, but Integrals sells a very high quality product and it's what I use.  

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